First Year Graduate Fellowship Application

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Please fill out the application below, print four (4) copies and mail it with any supporting documents to the address at the bottom of the page. All materials must be submitted by May 1.

Note: The four (4) copies of the completed application, supporting documents, and letters of recommendation must be received in the Society’s National Office no later than May 1. Application materials received after May 1 will not be considered.

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First Name

Last Name

Email Address




Zip Code

Home Phone

Work Phone

Address where you may be reached during the summer months (if different than above).




Zip Code

Rho Chi Chapter

Chapter Advisor

Advisor's Email

University to be attended for graduate study

Planned field of study

If awarded the Rho Chi - AFPE First Year Graduate Fellowship, will you be engaged in full-time graduate study in the year the award is made?


If "No", please submit a separate letter from your graduate mentor/major advisor that:

1) Provides assurance that you are committed to continuing graduate studies following receipt of the professional degree.

2) Indicates that at least 75% of your effort will be dedicated to graduate studies during the year that the award is made.

3) Confirms that, at the time of the award, at least two years of study or research remain to be completed in your Ph.D.

Resume (on separate sheet)

Please provide a detailed resume (not to exceed 3 pages) that includes:

• Current academic status and anticipated year of graduation

• Memberships in professional, scientific, scholastic, or honor societies (include year of Rho Chi initiation)

• Previous scholarships or fellowships held stating places, period of tenure and studies pursued

• Other academic awards and honors

• Previous research experience

Narrative (on separate sheet)

Please provide a brief narrative that describes your path to graduate studies. Include an specific challenges that you have overcome, specific motivation or inspiration or inspiration for graduate study, research or professional activities that have helped to prepare you for graduate study, and what professional and career goals you hope to achieve upon completion of your Ph.D. program. (Please limit to 2 pages.)


Provide names of three individuals who will provide letters of reference. Letters of reference or recommendation should be from individuals directly familiar with you and should speak specifically to your educational achievements and your capacity for graduate study. All letters should be mailed directly to the Chair of the Fellowship Committee whose address is below.

Supporting Documents

  1. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended

  2. Official record or photocopy of GRE scores (if required by your program)

Mail four (4) copies of the application, all supporting documents and three (3) letters of recommendation to arrive no later than May 1 to:

The Rho Chi Society

National Office

Attn: Fellowship Commitee

Eshelman School of Pharmacy

University of North Carolina

3210 Kerr Hall, CB#7569

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7569


You will be notified by email when the completed application has been received.