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RHO CHI SOCIETY News and Updates

Volume 2004-2005 Number 1
September 2004

The Rho Chi Society News and Updates is an electronic service of the Society’s National Office. News and Updates is electronically disseminated to Faculty Advisors, Chapter Officers, and Deans in September and in January. The Society’s National Office can be contacted via email at or by phone at (919) 843-9001.

In this Issue:

  • Greetings from National President, Gary P. Stoehr ( University of Pittsburgh )
  • Welcome to Gamma Rho Chapter
  • Important Dates and Information:
  • Nominations for National Officers (Due October 1, 2004 )
  • Rho Chi Society Annual Meeting – April 3, 2005 ( 3:00 – 5:00 PM )
  • Rho Chi Society Luncheon and Lecture Award Presentation – April 3, 2004 ( 12:00 – 2:00 PM )
  • 2004-2005 Chapter Award Proposals (Due February 1, 2005 or June 1, 2005 )
  • Faculty Advisor Award Nominations (Due May 15, 2005 )
  • Rho Chi – Schering Plough – AFPE First-Year Graduate Scholarship Applications
  • (Due February 15, 2005 )
  • Rho Chi – Eli Lilly and Company Clinical Research Scholarship Applications
  • (Due February 15, 2005 )
  • 2006 Rho Chi Lecture Award Nominations (Due March 1, 2005 )
  • Diamond – Gold – Silver Chapter Anniversary Celebrations
  • The Rho Chi Society Website –
  • New Member Fees 2004-2005
  • Chapter Officers
  • Chapter Advisors
  • News Items from the 2004 Annual Meeting
  • National Officers (Thanks to Outgoing)
  • Rho Chi Alumni Honor Roll (Nominations due January 15, 2005
  • Honor Cords
  • The National Office “Store”
  • Rho Chi Trade Generic Handbooks
  • Chapter Reports
  • Critical Dates for Chapters, Members, and Advisors


Greetings from the National Office and the Rho Chi Executive Council. The beginning of the academic year brings students another year closer to graduation (and practice). The new academic year holds great promise for members of the Rho Chi Society as well. Membership in the Society carries with it not only recognition for academic accomplishments, but also the responsibility for carrying out the mission of the Society. From what I have seen, the Rho Chi Society is in good hands. The National Office and Executive Council are ready to serve the membership.

Please visit the Society’s web site periodically to find valuable information about initiation procedures and useful summaries of Rho Chi chapter activities at many schools of pharmacy. By scanning chapter reports your chapter may find interesting ideas for new programs. The activities described in these reports are quite impressive! Many chapters organized tutoring sessions for students at their school. Others developed recognition programs for students or faculty who exemplify, through their accomplishments, the mission of the Society. Chapters participated in a variety of community-wide service projects such as blood pressure screening programs, drug information programs aimed at seniors, health fairs, and immunization programs. Rho Chi members have mentored high school students interested in studying pharmacy and tutored underprivileged children. Through their actions, Rho Chi members serve as intellectual leaders for the pharmacy profession and role models for their peers.

Take pride in the accomplishments of your Rho Chi colleagues. The impact of our members on their schools and community is impressive and gives promise that Rho Chi members will continue to be high achievers throughout their professional careers. A select number of members have been recognized for their accomplishments through the Alumni Honor Roll. If your chapter has not submitted a nomination, please consider doing so. Nomination forms can be found on the web site.

It’s not too early to begin planning for our annual meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the APhA meeting in Orlando on Sunday, April 3. Select a delegate, submit a project proposal, and prepare a comprehensive summary of your activities. Perhaps your chapter will be honored at the meeting.

If you’d like to communicate with other chapter officers or advisors or organize a regional meeting or send a congratulatory note to our new chapters, check the website for E-mail addresses and contact information. Make sure that your information is accurate and up-to-date.

The profession of pharmacy is facing enormous challenges as the healthcare system goes through significant change. Rho Chi members will be involved in setting the direction for the profession for years to come.

I hope to communicate with many of you this year as I begin serving as your president. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

On behalf of the Executive Council, best wishes for a successful year.


At the 2004 Annual Meeting, the Society chartered its 82nd chapter. On May 23, 2004 , Gary P. Stoehr, President of the Society, presided at the installation of Gamma Rho Chapter, Loma Linda University , Loma Linda , California . Eight professional students and 3 faculty members were initiated as the chapter’s charter members. Drs. Barry Bleidt and Norm Hamada will serve as faculty advisors of Gamma Rho Chapter. Gamma Rho becomes the ninth chapter in the West Coast Section, Region VIII.


The Society’s Nominating Committee, chaired by Past-President Daniel C. Robinson is developing recommendations for the offices of Secretary, Historian and Regional Councilors for Regions I, III, V, and VII who will serve 2005-2007. Those members of the Society who wish to nominate an individual or individuals for these offices should submit a letter of recommendation accompanied by a letter from the individual recommended agreeing to serve and a brief biographical sketch. Recommendations must be received in the National Office on or before October 1, 2004 .


Begin planning now for the 2005 Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held in conjunction with APhA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando , Florida , April 1-5, 2005 . Delegates and Alternates from each chapter should be present at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 3, 2005 , from 3:00 – 5:00 PM . As details are finalized updates will be sent via the Officers and Advisors listservs and posted to the Society’s Website.


Every chapter should be represented at the Annual Meeting. In accordance with National Bylaws, chapters not in attendance for three consecutive years are placed on probation and are not eligible to elect and induct new members. A record of chapter attendance for each of the past three years is posted on the Society’s Website for review (Click on “Meetings” to check past attendance.). Please make sure that your chapter is represented during the Annual Meeting.

An on-line form is available to register chapter delegates. Follow the links from Chapters to Chapter Reports ( Names of the chapter delegates, alternates and presidents will be added to Px-Officers, an electronic listserv, as they are submitted. Communications from the National Office regarding Society business and National Meeting updates will be communicated via the listserv.

Deadline for submission of delegates, alternates and other information from your chapter regarding the National Meeting is March 15, 2005 .


The Rho Chi Society Luncheon and Lecture Award Presentation will precede the Society’s Annual Meeting. It will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2005 . Dr. Charles D. Hepler, University of Florida , has been selected as the 2005 Rho Chi Lecture Awardee. Please go to the Society’s website ( for further information on the Lecture Award and a link to information regarding Dr. Hepler.

Tickets for the luncheon should be purchased in advance. Faculty members are encouraged to purchase their tickets through APhA as part of their registration. Student tickets for the Luncheon should be purchased through the National Office via the form on the Meetings > Upcoming Meetings page of the Society’s Website ( A limited number of tickets will be available on-site at the APhA Registration Desk and at the Rho Chi Luncheon. Guests are welcome and you are encouraged to invite them. Tickets for the luncheon are $50.00 each, however, the cost for students is $25.00 each as the balance is subsidized by the Society. To further minimize expenses for delegates attending the Luncheon, chapters should explore options for assisting delegates and alternates to cover their luncheon expense. This is a wonderful opportunity for delegates to meet and exchange information with other chapter delegates. As final arrangements are made regarding the 2005 Luncheon and Awards Program, details will be posted to the website and disseminated through the listserv.


Chapters are encouraged to participate in the Society’s Chapter Awards Program. Not only can chapters gain financial support for their efforts, but participation by all chapter members can be unifying and exciting accomplishment. Certainly, we all benefit by hearing of the creative and innovative project proposals that are submitted. If your chapter cannot meet the February 1 deadline, aim for June 1. Do not miss a wonderful opportunity for recognition for your chapter and its endeavors. Details about the program can be found on the Website under Chapter Awards (

2004 Chapter Project Proposal Awards were presented to:

Alpha Xi Chapter, The University of Kentucky – developed a dose information workshop for caregivers.

Xi Chapter, The University of North Carolina – brought students together to help them become aware of clinical applications of basic sciences. This was done through an introduction of clinical case studies and was presented to first year students by upper classmen. There were also organized discussions of the role of clinical practice and shadowing experiences.

2003 Chapter Achievement Award was presented to:

Rho Chapter, The University of Washington, was recognized for their success in receiving the 2003 Chapter Achievement Award. Activities of Rho chapter were highlighted (built a website for the chapter, tutored middle school students in the area of science – science mentor program).

Complete information regarding Chapter Awards is available via . Deadline for submission of entries is February 1 and June 1, 2005 . The Society’s President-Elect, Gary E. DeLander, of Oregon State University , chairs the Chapter Awards Program.

Entries should be submitted to:

The Rho Chi Society
National Office
c/o UNC School of Pharmacy
3210 Kerr Hall, CB#7360
Chapel Hill , NC 27599-7360

By virtue of their chapters’ recognition, Lisa Nguyen, Rho Chapter, The University of Washington, Adrienne Matson, Alpha Xi Chapter, The University of Kentucky and Kimberly Clark, The University of North Carolina were invited to serve as Student Representatives on the Rho Chi Society’s Executive Council.


The Society is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2003-2004 National Faculty Advisor Award: Dr. Mark W. Harrold, Alpha Beta Chapter, Duquesne University
In its letter of nomination, chapter members state, “His support of our organization and dedication to his position as Alpha Beta Chapter Faculty advisor goes above and beyond the expected call of duty and has served to strengthen our chapter.” The award was presented to Dr. Harrold at the Rho Chi Faculty Advisor’s Reception in Salt Lake City , Utah in July. Congratulations to Dr. Harrold for this well deserved recognition.

The Rho Chi Society National Faculty Advisor Award annually recognizes an outstanding faculty advisor. The award is also intended to stimulate chapter activity, diligence and punctuality. Individuals nominated for the Award must be current chapter advisors. Rho Chi Chapter Presidents, Regional Councilors, Rho Chi National Officers and Deans may submit nominations. The recipient will be recognized at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Rho Chi Advisor’s Meeting held in July. Criteria for selection include but are not limited to:

  • A record of at least two years of helping to build leadership in Chapter offices
  • Stimulating members to develop unique Chapter programs
  • Perseverance in building a strong chapter
  • Punctuality in submitting reports and materials to the National Office

Deadline for submission of nominations is May 15, 2005 . Past recipients and further details can be found on the Rho Chi website (


Ashley N. Albright, Pharm.D. was selected as the recipient of the 2004-2005 Rho Chi – Schering Plough – AFPE First Year Graduate Scholarship. Ashley is enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin in the psychiatric residency/graduate program.

Are you or a member of your chapter considering graduate school after graduation? A unique scholarship is available for Rho Chi members only through the Rho Chi/Schering Plough-AFPE First Year Graduate Scholarship. Information regarding the application process and deadlines is available on the Rho Chi Website (


Kathleen Green, Pharm.D. The University of Minnesota, was selected as the 2004-2005 recipient of the Rho Chi – Eli Lilly and Company Clinical Research Scholarship. Dr. Green is continuing her training in the Clinical Pharmacology Department with Pamala Jacobson, Pharm.D.

Established in 2003 through an award from Eli Lilly and Company, this Clinical Research Scholarship can be applied to fellowship training or research costs during the second year of a clinical research fellowship. Information regarding the application process and deadline is available on the Rho Chi Website (


Nominations are being accepted for the 2006 Rho Chi Lecture Award. The purpose of the Lecture Award is “to encourage and recognize outstanding achievement by distinguished scholars from the fields of the arts, letters, or sciences who have made significant contributions to the health professions.” Nominees may be selected from any area of arts, letters or sciences (education, research, industry, government) or any other field as long as the accomplishments or achievements have significantly contributed to the advancement of the health professions. Complete information and nomination procedures can be found on the Website ( Deadline for receipt of nominations and supporting materials is March 1, 2005 (Yes, one year ahead of the actual award).


Congratulations to chapters that will reach significant historical milestones. In 2005, nine chapters will celebrate diamond or gold anniversaries:

Diamond (75 th ) Anniversary Chapters

Omicron Chapter, The University of Maryland

Gold (50 th ) Anniversary Chapters

  • Beta Epsilon Chapter, The University of Utah
  • Beta Eta Chapter, The University of Toledo
  • Beta Theta Chapter, Long Island University
  • Beta Iota, The University of Arkansas
  • Beta Kappa, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Beta Lambda, Temple University
  • Beta Mu, Ferris State College

Silver (25 th ) Anniversary Chapter

Gamma Zeta Chapter, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

In 2006, six additional chapters will achieve anniversary milestones:

Diamond (75 th ) Anniversary Chapters

  • Tau Chapter, South Dakota State University
  • Rho Chapter, The University of Washington

Gold (50 th ) Anniversary Chapters

  • Alpha Sigma Chapter, Drake University
  • Alpha Upsilon Chapter, Idaho State University
  • Alpha Rho Chapter, The University of Kansas
  • Alpha Tau Chapter, The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia


The Society’s Website serves members, officers and advisors in conducting the activities of their chapters. Plans are underway for revisions to the site. The look will be different as will be some of the navigation, but those familiar with the old pages will still find familiar links and a few new ones will be interesting and helpful. Please visit the Website, old or new, and provide us your feedback and suggestions. As always, contact the National Office for any additional help you may need.


Fees for newly elected members in 2004-2005 remain at $50.00. This one-time membership fee includes Society dues, membership certificates and jewelry. This amount was set during the 2001 Annual Meeting by the Executive Council and implemented in August of 2001.


Please be sure to view the Society’s website at . There you will find useful resource information about the Society as well as upcoming meetings and deadlines, ordering information for certificates and pins for your new initiates and other items that can be utilized by your chapter. The Society’s Website is also an invaluable link between you and the other eighty chapters and their activities. Take a look at chapter reports submitted by the other chapters — there may be activities that could be adapted to your chapter needs and interests or you might organize some joint activities with other chapters in your region.

The March through May time period is an unusually busy time for you as well as other chapters and the National Office. Remember — most chapters plan their initiation ceremonies during this time period — advance planning on your part is essential. The National Office staff will be in Orlando , Florida at the Annual Meeting April 1-5, 2005 , with your delegates so Election Reports received during that time will have to wait a week to be processed.

Please plan in advance for your new member elections and submit your reports in time for the National Office to process your orders (approximately four weeks prior to your planned initiation ceremony). Your initiation ceremonies are more professional and better appreciated when new members are presented their Rho Chi Key and Membership Certificate.

Should you have questions concerning new member elections and reporting, please visit the Website or contact the National Office ( or (919) 843-9001).


Welcome new advisors and thank you veteran advisors. Each of you has accepted the challenge of mentoring students inducted into the Honor Society. It seems that students are hardly even initiated before they leave campus for clerkships, thus leaving but a relatively short period to time to foster the mission and vision of the Society. Like you, all members of the Society want to help prepare students to become lifelong learners and capable of facing the challenges of an ever-changing profession. The WebPages should facilitate exchange of ideas and information with other advisors in your region. Please call upon your Regional Councilor for any assistance you may require and as always, the National Officers and Staff look forward to working with you.

Action Item: Names and contact information for your chapter officers for 2004-2005 are needed in the National Office. If your Chapter’s current president is not listed on your web page, we have not received new officer information from your chapter. Please submit this information as soon as possible. Chapter Presidents’ names will be added to the Px-Officers listserv to facilitate dissemination of information to chapters. An on-line form ( is available for submitting this information. After you have filled in the requested information, choose Submit and we’ll have the information in the National Office. Thank you.


Approximately 160 students, Faculty Advisors, Officers of the Society and guests attended the Annual Luncheon and Lecture Award Program in Seattle , Washington , March 28, 2004 , preceding the Annual Meeting. Luncheon attendees had the privilege of hearing Dr. Mary Anne Koda-Kimble’s presentation, “A Patient’s Tale.” Dr. Koda-Kimble is Dean of the School of Pharmacy , The University of California at San Francisco.

In addition, Robert E. Kim, J.D., General Counsel for the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, presented the Rho Chi – Schering-Plough – AFPE First-Year Scholarship to Ashley Albright, Alpha Rho Chapter, The University of Kansas.


The 2004 Annual Meeting convened at 3:00 pm in the Sheraton Seattle Hotel, with delegates representing seventy three of the eighty active chapters.

A petition to establish a Rho Chi chapter at Loma Linda University , Loma Linda , California was approved. This new chapter becomes the 82nd chapter of the Society.

Delegates elected Gary E. DeLander, Oregon State University as President-Elect. Regional Councilors representing the even numbered regions elected were:

  • Dong-Churl Suh, Rutgers , The State University of New Jersey , Region II
  • Matthias Lu, The University of Illinois at Chicago , Region IV
  • Jonathan J. Wolfe, The University of Arkansas , Region VI
  • Anne Y. Lin, Midwestern University- Glendale , Region VIII

The Society would like to express thanks to Regional Councilors who completed their terms of office:

  • William C. Lubawy, The University of Kentucky , Region IV
  • Joanne Whitney, The University of California , San Francisco , Region VIII

Their guidance and dedication to the Society is invaluable and we look forward to their future contributions.

Who is your Regional Councilor? If you do not know, visit the Society’s Website to find out (

Following the Business Session, representatives were divided into groups and each group was asked to discuss one of the following topics:

  • Maintaining continuity of programs from year to year
  • Improving regional communication and networking
  • Sharing of ideas, successful activities (best practices)
  • Challenges and solutions – open discussion

Following their very lively discussions, a representative from each group reported to the assembled representatives. Recommendations from these groups will be the subject of Executive Council discussions.


Seven outstanding alumni were named to the 2004 Alumni Honor Roll in recognition of their outstanding contributions through intellectual leadership and the pursuit of excellence that have advanced the profession of pharmacy.

  • Brian K. Alldredge, Alpha Lambda Chapter, University of California , San Francisco
  • Anthony J. Cutie, Beta Theta Chapter, Long Island University
  • Peter A. Crooks, Alpha Xi Chapter, University of Kentucky
  • Samuel E. Daniel, Chi Chapter, University of Mississippi
  • Joan Lausier, Beta Pi Chapter, University of Rhode Island
  • Jeffrey G. Newman, Beta Lambda Chapter, Temple University
  • Raylene M. Rospond, Alpha Alpha Chapter, Creighton University

Your chapter is encouraged to nominate an alumnus for the 2005 Alumni Honor Roll. Less than ten percent of our chapters submitted nominations for 2004 – there are many outstanding alumni from your chapter. Please take a few minutes and submit a nomination. Nominations will be due February 1, 2005 . Further information and nomination procedures can be found on the Website (


As a service to chapters where campus policy allows, The Rho Chi Society has official honor cords available for commencement ceremonies. Feedback from members and advisors has been very positive regarding both the recognition and dignity added to the occasion as members wear their honor cords. The National Office will continue to make honor cords available for purchase through the National Store located on the Society’s Website (


Please check the Website ( to obtain a form for ordering items which are available to chapters. (i.e., Handbooks, Recognition Certificates, Stationery, etc.). If you have difficulty downloading the order form, please contact the National Office via e-mail ( ) or call (919) 843-9001.


The Rho Chi Trade Generic Handbook, published annually by members of Theta Chapter ( University of Southern California ) is available through the National Office for individuals to order or for chapters to use as fundraisers. Prices to Rho Chi members are:

  • 1 to 9 Handbooks $6.00 each
  • 10 to 24 Handbooks $5.25 each
  • 25 to 49 Handbooks $5.00 each
  • 50 to 149 Handbooks $4.75 each
  • 150 or more Handbooks $4.50 each

Please contact the National Office for ordering information or check the National Store on the Society’s Website.


Forty-three of the 80 chapters submitted their Annual Chapter Reports by the May 15, 2004 , deadline. Good job – but you can improve on this number. This is the same number submitted on time last year but the expectation is that all chapters submit their reports. If your chapter has not submitted an annual report for 2004, please send it to the National Office no later than October 1. If your chapter needs a template for the report, please contact the National Office via email at . It is not too late to have your report posted on your chapter’s Web page. Chapter Achievement Awards are based on the Annual Chapter Report and recognize the full scope of chapter activities as documented in the Annual Report.

Reports should be comprehensive in nature, describing the breadth of activities and accomplishments by the chapter over the preceding twelve months. The report need not be of any specific length but should include the following elements in sufficient detail to permit readers to clearly comprehend the chapter’s objectives, plans and accomplishments. Introduction – a statement identifying the rationale of chapter activities as they relate to the overall mission of the Rho Chi Society; History of Ongoing Activities – a description of ongoing activities and how they have evolved, progressed or matured during the preceding twelve months; New Activities – a description of new initiatives, programs, or activities implemented during this program year; Reflections – to what extent did the chapter’s activities add value to the member’s Rho Chi experience.


A Planning Calendar listing critical national dates for chapters and members alike is available on the Society’s Website ( Click on the link to the Planning Calendar at the top of the page. You will find an abbreviated version of the Planning Calendar scrolling on the Society’s home page. Please use the calendar to plan your chapter activities and to fulfill your obligations at the National level. If you find it helpful, you may print a PDF version of the calendar from the Website.