September 2007

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Volume 2007-2008; Number 1
September 2007

In this Issue:

  • President’s Notebook
  • Important Dates and Information:
  • Nominations for National Officers (Due October 15, 2007)
  • 2008 Rho Chi Society Annual Meeting
  • Rho Chi Society Lecture Award Presentation
  • 2007-2008 Chapter Award Proposals (Due February 1, 2008 or June 1, 2008)
  • Faculty Advisor Award Nominations (Due May 15, 2008)
  • Rho Chi – Schering Plough – AFPE First-Year Graduate Scholarship Applications (Due February 1, 2008)
  • Rho Chi Society Clinical Research Scholarship Applications (Due February 1, 2008)
  • Golden Chapter Anniversary Recognition
  • The Rho Chi Society Website –
  • New Member Submission 2007-2008
  • Chapter Officers
  • Chapter Advisors
  • News Items from the 2007 Annual Meeting
  • National Officers (Thanks to Outgoing)
  • Rho Chi Alumni Honor Roll (Nominations due January 15, 2008)
  • Honor Cords
  • Medallions
  • The National Office “Store”
  • Rho Chi Trade Generic Handbooks
  • Chapter Reports
  • Critical Dates for Chapters, Members, and Advisors


Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you have had terrific summer filled with experiences that allowed you to grow personally and professionally. The beginning of the academic year is one of my favorite times of the year. In spite of the inevitable long ‘to do’ list, I personally find a renewed level of vitality stimulated by the enthusiasm and commitment that accompanies students return to campus. Undoubtedly, this is a perspective shared by nearly all of my colleagues on faculties across the country.

I have mentioned previously that new beginnings, every new beginning, provides an ideal opportunity for self-reflection. Foremost in my mind over the past several weeks has been the old adage ‘seek first to understand’; a simple concept, but one that seems very difficult to call to the fore when it is needed. At least in my experience, the busier my schedule, the higher the stakes; the less likely I am to seek to understand. Frustrations with colleagues, patients, even family that deserve a measured response get crushed within a perceived need to move on to the next thing and meet the next deadline.

We do have a choice and those around us depend upon us making that choice. When a colleague is unwilling to compromise, do you take time to understand how their personal experiences may have shaped their perspectives? When a family member is uncooperative, do you ask about the rest of their day? When your patient fails again to meet your expectations, do you know their expectations? I am reminded time and time again how small the window is through which I understand those around me. In rare cases, access to understanding is intentionally restricted, but so many times all I have to do is take an opportunity to ask, some time to listen, and expand the moment to seek to understand.

You have a gift, some call might call it ‘book smart’, that is so easily wasted. All of your knowledge, skills and abilities can not overcome a failure to understand the circumstances in which your patients will have to implement your well crafted therapeutic plan. We are a community of scholars in service to the profession of pharmacy. Be certain to take time in the busyness of your life to pause when frustration builds, seek to understand, and make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Best wishes for a successful academic year

Take care

Gary DeLander
National President


The Society’s Nominating Committee, chaired by Past-President Gary P. Stoehr is developing recommendations for the offices of President-Elect and and Regional Councilors for Regions II (East Coast Region), IV (Mid-Eastern Region), VI (Gulf Coast Region) and VIII (West Coast Region). Those members of the Society who wish to nominate an individual or individuals for these offices should submit a letter of recommendation accompanied by a letter from the individual recommended agreeing to serve and a brief biographical sketch. Recommendations must be received in the National Office on or before October 15, 2007.


Begin planning now for the 2008 Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held in conjunction with APhA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, California, March 14-18, 2008. Delegates and Alternates from each chapter should be present at the Annual Meeting. As details are finalized, updates will be sent via the Officers and Advisors listservs and posted to the Society’s Website.

2008 Rho Chi Society Lecture Award and Presentation

The 2008 Rho Chi Society Lecture Award and presentation will be made in conjunction with the Society’s 2008 Annual Meeting. Please watch the web site ( for announcements regarding the Lecture Award recipient and details regarding the lecture presentation.


Chapters are encouraged to participate in the Society’s Chapter Awards Program. Not only can chapters gain financial support for their efforts, but participation by all chapter members can be unifying and exciting accomplishment.

Chapter Project Awards Program

All chapters are invited to apply for recognition through the Chapter Project Awards program. Certainly, we all benefit by hearing of the creative and innovative project proposals that are submitted. Proposals should clearly describe a project that specifically fulfills the mission of Rho Chi. If your chapter cannot meet the February 1 deadline, aim for June 1. Do not miss a wonderful opportunity for recognition of your chapter and its endeavors. Details about the program can be found on the Website under Chapter Awards.

Chapter Project Proposal Awards were presented in 2007 to:

  • Alpha Alpha Chapter, Creighton University
  • Alpha Beta Chapter, Duquesne University
  • Gamma Gamma Chapter, Albany College of Pharmacy
  • Alpha Xi Chapter, University of Kentucky

Chapter Achievement Award

One chapter is identified annually for overall excellence in fulfilling the mission of Rho Chi. The Chapter Achievement Award winner is determined through a review of annual reports submitted to the National Office and due June 1 st. Reports that will be evaluated for the 2006 award have already been received, but it is not too early to define your plan for the 2007 award and begin keeping a strong record of your accomplishments.

The 2006 Chapter Achievement Award was presented to:

Theta Chapter, University of Southern California

Two chapters were also acknowledged by the Committee as being outstanding chapters during the past year: Alpha Alpha ( Creighton University) and Alpha Omicron ( University of Pittsburgh).

By virtue of Theta Chapter’s achievements, Christina Pham, University of Southern California, will serve as Student Representative on the Rho Chi Society’s Executive Council. Complete information regarding Chapter Awards is available via The Chapter Awards Program is chaired by Karen L. Rascati of the University of Texas at Austin, National Rho Chi President-Elect.

Entries should be submitted to:

The Rho Chi Society
National Office
c/o UNC School of Pharmacy
3210 Kerr Hall, CB#7360
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7360


The Society is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2006-2007 National Faculty Advisor Award:

Dong Churl Suh
Alpha Eta
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

The Rho Chi Society National Faculty Advisor Award annually recognizes an outstanding faculty advisor. The award is also intended to stimulate chapter activity, diligence and punctuality. Individuals nominated for the Award must be current chapter advisors. Rho Chi Chapter Presidents, Regional Councilors, Rho Chi National Officers and Deans may submit nominations. The recipient will be recognized at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Rho Chi Advisor’s Meeting held in July. Criteria for selection include but are not limited to:

  • A record of at least two years of helping to build leadership in Chapter offices
  • Stimulating members to develop unique Chapter programs
  • Perseverance in building a strong chapter
  • Punctuality in submitting reports and materials to the National Office

Deadline for submission of nominations is May 15, 2008. Past recipients and further details can be found on the Rho Chi website.


Nathaniel Page, who is entering the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Buffalo, was named the recipient of the Rho Chi, Schering Plough, AFPE First-Year Graduate Scholarship. Maria Tsoras, who is a fellow in the metabolic support/critical care pharmacy at Clarian Health and Butler University received the Rho Chi Clinical Research Scholarship. Both awards consist of a $7500 scholarship for the recipient. Daniel A. Brazeau, Dennis H. Robinson and Patrick M. Woster were acknowledged for their assistance in reviewing applications for the AFPE award. Joseph Bertino and Alan Lau were acknowledged for their service on the selection committee for the Clinical Research Award.

If you are planning to enter a graduate program in 2008-2009 or will begin the second year of a clinical research fellowship, please check the web site for application information and criteria for these two scholarships.


Congratulations to the chapter that will reach a historical milestone in 2008. One chapter celebrated a gold anniversary:

Golden (50 th) Anniversary Chapters

Beta Omicron, The University of Houston


The Society’s Website serves members, officers and advisors in conducting the activities of their chapters. The new site has been released with significant changes and updates already in place – other changes are in the planning stages and will be implemented in the near future. As you navigate through the new site, please contact the National Office with any comments. The look will be different as will be some of the navigation, but those familiar with the old pages will still find familiar links and a few new ones will be interesting and helpful. Please visit the Website and provide us your feedback and suggestions. As always, contact the National Office for any additional help you may need.

The National Office would like to have pictures of activities at chapters to post on the website on the opening pages on a rotating basis. If your chapter has pictures suitable for this purpose, please forward them to the National Office. They should be in a JPEG or other format that can be downloaded onto the website.


There will be significant changes to the mechanism of submission for new member information. The names will be submitted via the Resources for Members link found on the web site. This new format will be implemented beginning with new member information submitted to the National Office beginning November 1, 2007. Specific instructions will be sent to the advisors for accessing the link for the new submission format.

Fees for newly elected members in 2007-2008 remain at $50.00. This one-time membership fee includes Society dues, membership certificates and jewelry. This amount was set during the 2001 Annual Meeting by the Executive Council and implemented in August of 2001.


Please be sure to view the Society’s website at There you will find useful resource information about the Society as well as upcoming meetings and deadlines, ordering information for certificates and pins for your new initiates and other items that can be utilized by your chapter. The Society’s Website is also an invaluable link between you and the other eighty six chapters and their activities. Take a look at chapter reports submitted by the other chapters — there may be activities that could be adapted to your chapter needs and interests or you might organize joint activities with other chapters in your region. If your chapter does not have a report posted it is not too late to submit your activities.

The March through May time period is an unusually busy time for you as well as other chapters and the National Office. Remember — most chapters plan their initiation ceremonies during this time period — advance planning on your part is essential. The National Office staff will be in San Diego March 14-18 at the Annual Meeting with your delegates so Election Reports received during that time will have to wait a week to be processed.

Please plan in advance for new member elections and submit reports in time for the National Office to process your orders (approximately three weeks prior to your planned initiation ceremony). Your initiation ceremonies are more professional and better appreciated when new members are presented their Rho Chi Key and Membership Certificate. Article 3, Section 10 – Initiation of Members of The Rho Chi Society National Bylaws – 2007 Revision requires that membership certificates and insignia (key or keypin) shall be presented at the time of initiation.

Should you have questions concerning new member elections and reporting, please visit the Website or contact the National Office ( or (919) 843-9001).

The Rho Chi Society National Bylaws – 2007 Revision was adopted. The 2007 Bylaws replace the Rho Chi Society National Constitution and Bylaws – 1999 Revision. Chapters should review their current Bylaws to insure they are in compliance with the 2007 Bylaws. Chapters that do not have Chapter Bylaws should write and adopt Bylaws.


Action Item: Names and contact information for your chapter officers for 2007-2008 are needed in the National Office. The names of all chapter officers have been added to the chapter webpages, however, only the chapter president’s email address has been posted. All chapter officers will be added to the Px-Officers listserv for dissemination of information and announcements from the National Office. If your Chapter has not submitted contact information for your current officers, please submit this information as soon as possible. An on-line form is available for submitting this information. On the Society’s Web site choose Resources for Advisors and Officers/Chapter Instructions. After you have filled in the requested information, choose Submit and we’ll have the information in the National Office. Thank you.


Approximately 150 students, Faculty Advisors, Officers of the Society and guests attended the Annual Meeting and Lecture Award Program in Atlanta, Georgia, March 18.

The 2007 Annual Meeting convened at 3:00 pm in the Omni International Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia with delegates representing sixty three of the of the eighty six active chapters.

Delegates elected Paul W. Jungnickel, Auburn University as the National Secretary and J. Douglas Bricker of Duquesne University as the Society’ Historian.

Regional Councilors representing the odd numbered regions elected were:

  • Gina Garrison ( Albany College of Pharmacy) – Region I
  • Mary J. Ferrill ( Palm Beach Atlantic University) – Region III
  • Robert Soltis ( Drake University) – Region V
  • Paul Cady ( Idaho State University) – Region VII

The Society would like to express thanks to Councilors who completed their terms of office: Jack Reynolds ( Northeastern University) – Region I; MaryAnn Kirkpatrick ( Shenandoah University) – Region III; Victoria F. Roche ( Creighton University) – Region V; and Lori J. Morin (University of Montana) – Region VII. Their guidance and dedication to the Society is invaluable and we look forward to their future contributions.

Who is your Regional Councilor? If you do not know, visit the Society’s Website to find out. At, choose Society Leadership/Councilors. Alternately, choose Chapters and the Regional Councilors are listed with their Region and the chapters represented in their respective regions.

Following the Business Session, representatives were divided into groups and each group was asked to discuss one of the following topics:

  • Point System for Chapters.
  • Identify the one thing that the National Officers could do for your chapter.
  • How might we improve communication within the Society?

Following their very lively discussions, a representative from each group reported their discussion outcomes to the National Historian. Recommendations from these groups will be the subject of Executive Council discussions.

Lecture Award Presentation

Attendees of the Annual Meeting and guests had the privilege of hearing a very inspiring presentation by Dr. Daniel A. Hussar. Dr. Hussar is Remington Professor of Pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and a member of a number of professional organizations. He serves as the Author/Editor of the Pharmacist Activist Newsletter (


Four outstanding alumni were named to the 2007 Alumni Honor Roll in recognition of their outstanding contributions through intellectual leadership and the pursuit of excellence that have advanced the profession of pharmacy.

Karen Blumenschein
Alpha Psi Chapter
University of Kentucky

Arlene A. Flynn
Phi Chapter
University of Illinois at Chicago

Sunndy Edet Ohia
Alpha Alpha Chapter
Creighton University

Your chapter is encouraged to nominate an alumnus for the 2008 Alumni Honor Roll. Nominations will be due February 1, 2008. Further information and nomination procedures can be found on the Website


As a service to chapters, where campus policy allows, The Rho Chi Society has official honor cords available for commencement ceremonies at a cost of $12.00 each. Feedback from members and advisors has been very positive regarding both the recognition and dignity added to the occasion as members wear their honor cords. The National Office will continue to make honor cords available for purchase through the Catalogue located on the Society’s Website.


The Society has medallions available for purchase by chapters as commemorative gifts or to be worn as an option at graduation. Please visit the Catalogue located on the website to preview the medallions. The cost is $25.00 per medallion – this includes shipping and handling.


Please check the Website,, to preview items and obtain a form for ordering items which are available to chapters. (i.e., Handbooks, Recognition Certificates, Stationery, replacement items, etc.). If you have difficulty downloading the order form, please contact the National Office via e-mail ( or call (919) 843-9001.


The Rho Chi Trade Generic Handbook, published annually by members of Theta Chapter ( University of Southern California) is available through the National Office for individuals to order or for chapters to use as fundraisers. Prices to Rho Chi members are:

  • 1 to 9 Handbooks $6.50 each
  • 10 to 24 Handbooks $5.50 each
  • 25 to 49 Handbooks $5.25 each
  • 50 to 149 Handbooks $5.00 each
  • 150 or more Handbooks $4.75 each

Please contact the National Office for ordering information or download the form found under Catalogue/National Office Order Form on the Society’s Website.


Sixty of 87 chapters submitted their Annual Chapter Reports by the May 15, 2007, deadline. This is an increase over last year’s submissions but the expectation is that all chapters submit their reports. If your chapter has not submitted an annual report for 2007, please send it to the National Office no later than October 15. An outline/template for the report and be found on the website under Resources for Advisors and Officers/Chapter Instructions/Annual Report. It is not too late to have your report posted on your chapter’s Web page. Chapter Achievement Awards are based on the Annual Chapter Report and recognize the full scope of chapter activities as documented in the Annual Report.

For Chapter Reports to be submitted for 2007-2008 activities, a new section has been added for chapters wishing to be considered for the “Most Improved Chapter Award.” A copy of the new Chapter Report has been posted on the web site with this included. Please consider this when submitting your 2007-2008 activities.


A Planning Calendar listing critical national dates for chapters and members alike will be available on the Society’s Website. Please use the calendar to plan your chapter activities and to fulfill your obligations at the National level.