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Our Vision

The Rho Chi Society seeks to advance pharmacy through intellectual leadership.

Our Mission

As the academic honor society in pharmacy, the Rho Chi Society:

  • Encourages and recognizes intellectual achievement
  • Stimulates critical inquiry to advance pharmacy
  • Contributes to the development of intellectual leaders
  • Promotes highest ethical standards
  • Fosters collaboration


Membership in The Rho Chi Society is a privilege accorded to the very few who distinguish themselves by their academic and professional achievements and who aspire to the mission and vision of the Society. Members may be elected as professional or graduate students in Pharmacy, as members of faculties of schools and colleges of pharmacy, as alumni who distinguish themselves in the Profession, or as honorary members by special action of the Society’s Executive Council.

By its very existence, the honor society reflects Western cultural belief in education and the pursuit of intellectual excellence. The honor society thus has two aims, or performs two functions:

  1. It recognizes and rewards outstanding scholarly attainment, and
  2. It thereby encourages and stimulates outstanding scholarship. The attainment of membership in an honor society is not only the highest achievement of social approbation by a select few, but it also encourages others to attain for themselves such recognition and approbation.


The Society’s Constitution was first drafted in 1912. The latest revision to the National Bylaws was approved in 2010.

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