Chapter Project Proposal Overview

In 1998, the Executive Council of Rho Chi adopted Mission and Vision statements to guide the Society into the next century. At the heart of these statements is a commitment to intellectual excellence, a dedication to the advancement of critical inquiry in all realms of the profession, and the desire to promote effective communication and fellowship among members. The Society wishes to be known as a community of intellectual leaders who, throughout their careers, strive to advance the profession of pharmacy. Rho Chi can only realize its Mission and Vision when each member embraces the ideals they proclaim, and lives them out on a day-to-day basis. Chapters that develop and implement programs that promote the goals described in the Mission and Vision statements do much to make the Society a visible and proactive force in health care, and instill a lifelong dedication to its goals in individual members. The Rho Chi Society invites proposed or implemented proposals that uphold the important themes articulated in the Rho Chi Mission and Vision statements.


The theme shall be related to or support the mission and vision of the Rho Chi Society.


Chapters are encouraged to submit proposals that either describe a detailed plan of action to develop programs and activities that support the mission and vision of the Society, or to describe programs and activities that are in the early stages of implementation.


Chapter Project Proposals will be judged on the basis of feasibility, completeness, innovation, and extent to which the planned activities support the mission and vision of the Society. Budgets and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of planned programs and activities should be provided, where appropriate. Chapters are encouraged to implement their proposals and submit an annual report for competition in the Chapter Achievement Awards category the following year. Work on the implementation phase of the Chapter Project Proposal should begin during the academic year in which the proposal was submitted to ensure that a sufficient body of work is completed in time for submission to the Chapter Achievement Award. The winners of the Chapter Project Proposal Awards submitted by June 1 will receive a plaque and a cash award of $500 in September. The winners of the Chapter Project Proposal Awards submitted by January 15 will receive a plaque and a cash award of $500 in March at the Annual Rho Chi Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Pharmacists Association.

Post Award Requirements

Chapters awarded for their project must submit a summary of their project activities and results and how the award was used to conduct the project to the National Office at the end of the academic year it was awarded.


January 15 and June 1


Award Submission Procedures

  • Each submission must include a cover letter designating the chapter representative who is to receive all correspondence concerning the chapter’s entry (including a phone number and email address where the representative may be contacted). Names and signatures of the chapter president and chapter advisor should be included on the cover letter.
  • All text describing the Chapter’s entry shall be double-spaced and typed in a 12 cpi font. A larger font may be used for titles or emphasis.
  • One (1) signed electronic copy must be submitted to, email dated by January 15 or June 1 to constitute a complete submission for the Project Proposals. Entries for the Chapter Project Proposals must be received by January 15 for awards granted at the Annual Meeting of the Society in March and by June 1 for awards granted in September.
  • The Rho Chi Chapter Awards Committee will select as many as two award recipients for each granting period of the Project Proposals, on the basis of the entries submitted. The chairman of the committee shall immediately notify all recipient chapters, as well as the Chapters’ faculty advisors and the National Officers.
  • All chapters that win awards are expected to have at least one representative at the annual meeting of the Society to receive the award.
  • All chapters that receive an award must submit a summary of the project’s activity and outcome to the National Office by end of the academic year.
  • The Chapter Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold the granting of any or all awards if there are an insufficient number of entries deemed worthy of an award by a majority of the voting members of the Committee.

The Chapter Awards Program is chaired by the Society’s President-Elect.

Please send entries to:

The Rho Chi Society National Office
University of Michigan
College of Pharmacy
428 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1065

2019-2020 Chapter Project Proposal Award Recipients

Alpha Iota Chapter, Medical University of South Carolina, – “Implementing Education and Training Related to Opioid Overdose and Reversal for Healthcare Students” (Spring 2020)

Gamma Sigma Chapter, Western University of Health Sciences, – “Clearing the Air: Delivering Updates on Electronic Cigarettes to the Community and Health Professionals” (Spring 2020)

Alpha Xi Chapter, University of Kentucky – “New Beginnings: providing personalized education to pregnant women and new mothers struggling with substance use disorder as well as assessing and addressing their healthcare needs” (Summer 2019)

Gamma Sigma Chapter, Western University of Health Sciences, – “Expanding Current Knowledge of Cannabidiol (CBD) Therapy through Student-Led Educational Programs” (Summer 2019)


2018-2019 Chapter Project Proposal Award Recipients

Alpha Xi Chapter, University of Kentucky – “Access for All” – Reducing Disparities in Access to Care and Medical Literacy for Underserved Populations and Minorities Through Community Engagement

Phi Chapter, University of Illinois at Chicago – “Health Management for Those in Need: Pacific Garden Community Outreach”

Delta Gamma Chapter, University of British Columbia – “Demystifying Pharmacy Research”

Gamma Sigma Chapter, Western University of Health Sciences – “Implementation of a Marijuana Information Center”


2017-2018 Chapter Project Proposal Award Recipients

Alpha Omicron Chapter, University of Pittsburgh – “Three-Peat: Pearls from P1-P3 Year”

Gamma Sigma Chapter, Western University of Health Sciences – “Traveling Prepared – Implementation of Travel Medications and Vaccinations”

Alpha Xi, University of Kentucky – “Closing the Gaps” – Distributing naloxone and improving education on opioid overdose, focusing on underserved minorities and improving education efficacy.

Gamma Sigma Chapter, Western University of Health Sciences – “The Art of Prescribing Hormonal Contraception”