Rho Chi recognizes individuals who have provided significant and sustained contributions to the Society and those who have profoundly advanced the vision and mission of the Society.


  1. The recipient of the A. Wayne Pittman Outstanding Service Award will be a member of the Rho Chi Society (regular or honorary) who has made outstanding, significant, and sustained contributions to the Society and whose efforts have profoundly advanced the vision and mission of the Society.
  2. An outstanding contribution is judged as one well above and beyond the usual devotion of resources, be it time, energy, material goods, or a combination thereof.
  3. The contribution(s) must be judged outstanding by their impact on the Society or by their sustained excellence.
  4. Recipients must have served the Society in administrative role(s) for a total of at least 10 years as a faculty advisor, national officer, and/or regional councilor.
  5. Current Rho Chi Society national officers, regional councilors, and staff are ineligible for the award.
  6. Self-nominations are not accepted.


  1. Deadline for nominations is October 1.
  2. This award is given only when an outstanding candidate is identified, but not to exceed one recipient per year.
  3. Nominations are solicited from the Rho Chi Society general membership and Executive Council through an email communication by the Immediate Past-President in the summer of each year.
  4. All nominations must include:
    • a letter of nomination from a Rho Chi member detailing the nominee’s qualifications for the award,
    • the nominee’s curriculum vitae, and
    • two additional letters of support from Rho Chi members that describe the individual’s accomplishments relative to the award criteria. At least one of the required letters of support must be from an individual outside the nominee’s place of employment, practice site, or institution(s) of academic appointment.
  5. Nominations will be considered by the Executive Council for evaluation of merit and compliance with award criteria. If there is more than one worthy candidate for the award, the final selection will be made by the Executive Council by majority vote. The Executive Council may choose to not present the Outstanding Service Award in any given year.
  6. The President or his/her designee notifies the recipient of the award.
  7. The award is conferred by the President at the Rho Chi Annual Meeting. The award consists of an inscribed plaque, recognizing the individual’s achievement, and reimbursement for expenses to attend the Annual Meeting. Attendance at the Annual Meeting is required to receive the award.
  8. The ordering of the plaque and all other arrangements are the responsibility of Rho Chi Society National Office staff.