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Generally, one First Year Graduate Fellowship is awarded annually to a student beginning their first year of graduate study. Details regarding the fellowship and application process can be found below. The deadline for receipt of applications is May 1.

  1. It shall be the policy of The Rho Chi Society to award on an annual basis to a qualified applicant, the Rho Chi, AFPE First-Year Graduate Fellowship, a cash award of $7,500.
  2. The award shall be presented to the successful applicant by action of the Rho Chi Graduate Fellowship Committee and the AFPE Board of Grants.
  3. The award recipient will be announced at the Annual Convention of The Rho Chi Society. The award stipend will be paid in two payments on September 1 and May 1 of the year of the award after it has been determined that the applicant has enrolled in the graduate program specified in the application.
  4. The award is not renewable.
  5. Exceptions to this policy shall be made only by the Executive Council of the Society.

Apply Here

  1. Applicants must be a member of the Rho Chi Honor Society.
  2. Applicants must be a pharmacy student in the final year of professional studies or a professional pharmacy degree program graduate entering a pharmaceutical sciences (including social/administrative sciences) Ph.D. program in an accredited U.S. school or college of pharmacy as a full-time student. Pharmacy students who have initiated graduate work through a dual Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree pathway are eligible if they have completed their professional degree and will be pursuing full-time graduate study in the year the award is made.*
  3. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

*Students who will not have completed their professional degree at the time of the award may be considered in specific and compelling situations. To be considered, a separate letter from the student’s graduate mentor/major advisor must be include and must:

  1. Provide assurance that the student is committed to continuing graduate studies following receipt of the professional degree.
  2. Indicate that at least 75% of the student’s effort will be dedicated to graduate studies during the year that the award is made.
  3. Confirm that, at the time of the award, at least two years of study or research remain to be completed in the student's Ph.D. program.

The applicant shall have demonstrated high potential for success in a graduate program on the strength of:

  1. Academic achievement (transcripts, GRE scores if required by your program, academic awards and honors); Research achievement (previous research experience, presentations, abstract, publications); Personal achievement (challenges overcome, clarity of motivation, personal and career goals).
  2. Certification through a minimum of at least three (3) letters of recommendation from individuals directly familiar with the applicant’s academic achievements and capacity for success in graduate programs.

Past Recipients




Graduate Program/University

  • 2019

    Keito Hoshitsuki

    University of Pittsburgh

  • 2018

    No Recipient

  • 2017

    Corey J. Hayes

    University of Arkansas

  • 2016

    Christopher D. Saffore

    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • 2016

    Gena Maynelle Burch

    University of Florida

  • 2015

    No Recipient

  • 2015

    Julie Ann Rechel Patterson

    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • 2014

    Blessy George

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

  • 2014

    Izna Ali

    Midwestern University

  • 2013

    Amanda Stolarz

    University of Arkansas

  • 2012

    Corbin Thompson

    Ohio Northern University

  • 2011

    Julieta Scalo

    University of Texas at Austin

  • 2010

    Daniel J. Crona

    University of Colorado

  • 2009

    Melanie R. Nicol

    Ohio Northern University

  • 2008

    Daniel Hertz

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

  • 2008

    Jasmine Talameh

    University of Pittsburgh

  • 2007

    Nathaniel Page

    University at Buffalo

  • 2006

    Katherine Francis

    University of Pittsburgh

  • 2005

    Joshua Neumiller

    Washington State University

  • 2004

    Ashley N. Albright

    University of Texas at Austin

  • 2003

    Lisa Tang

    University of Tennessee

  • 2002

    Lauren M. Aleksunes

    University of Connecticut

  • 2001

    Michael D. Taylor

    University of Florida

  • 2000

    Bernard J. Komoroski

    University of Pittsburgh

  • 1998

    Carol E. Kopet

    University of Connecticut

  • 1997

    C. Ryan Yates

    University of Tennessee

  • 1996

    Melissa L. Flagg

    University of Mississippi

  • 1995

    Karen L. Hackett

    Creighton University

  • 1994

    Peter D. A. Angus

    University of Michigan

  • 1993

    Sherry L. LaPorte

    University of Connecticut

  • 1992

    Stephen M. Waters

    Oregon State University