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As one of its highest distinctions, the Society seeks to encourage and recognize outstanding achievement by distinguished scholars from the fields of the arts, letters, or sciences who have made significant contributions to the health professions.

The Award is presented during the Annual Meetings of the Society which are held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Pharmacists Association.


Past Recipients





  • 2019

    Mary H. H. Ensom

  • 2018

    James Dalton

  • 2017

    Amy M. Haddad

  • 2016

    Harold N. Godwin

  • 2015

    James C. Cloyd, PharmD, FCCP, FAPhA

  • 2014

    William E. Evans

  • 2013

    Joseph T. DiPiro

  • 2012

    Victoria F. Roche

  • 2011

    John D. Grabenstein

  • 2010

    Stephen W. Schondelmeyer

  • 2009

    Henri R. Manasse, Jr.

  • 2008

    William H. Campbell

  • 2007

    Daniel A. Hussar

  • 2006

    Milap C. Nahata

  • 2005

    Charles D. Hepler

  • 2004

    Mary Anne Koda-Kimble

  • 2003

    Richard P. Penna

  • 2002

    Charles O. Rutledge

  • 2001

    Louis Ignarro

  • 2000

    Harold H. Wolfe

  • 1999

    Philip S. Portoghese

  • 1998

    David J. Triggle

  • 1997

    George Zografi

  • 1996

    Alice M. Clark

  • 1995

    Kenneth A. Bachman

  • 1994

    Ronald F. Borne

  • 1993

    John G. Wagner

  • 1992

    William O. Foye

  • 1991

    Tom S. Miya

  • 1990

    Leslie Z. Benet

  • 1989

    James T. Doluisio

  • 1988

    August P. Lemberger

  • 1987

    Jere E. Goyan

  • 1986

    Lawrence C. Weaver

  • 1985

    E. R. Garrett

  • 1984

    J. V. Swintosky

  • 1983

    Varro E. Tyler

  • 1982

    William Heller

  • 1981

    Corwin Hansch

  • 1980

    William Blockstein

  • 1979

    Mickey C. Smith

  • 1978

    Louis C. Lasagna

  • 1977

    Gerhard Levy

  • 1976

    David Cowen

  • 1975

    Edmund Pellegrino

  • 1974

    Richard E. Schultes

  • 1973

    Donald C. Brodie

  • 1972

    Max Tischler

  • 1971

    Takeru Higuchi

  • 1970

    David Tedcschi

  • 1969

    W. Louis Nobles

  • 1968

    Alfred N. Martin

  • 1967

    Glen Sonnedecker

  • 1966

    Alfred Burger

  • 1965

    Gordon Svoboda


To encourage and recognize outstanding achievement by distinguished scholars from the fields of the arts, letters, or sciences who have made significant contributions to the health professions.

Nature of the Award

The Award consists of an inscribed plaque recognizing the individual’s achievement, a $1000.00 honorarium, and reimbursement of expenses for presentation of the Rho Chi Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

Who is Eligible

Nominees may be selected from any area of arts, letters, or sciences (education, research, industry, government), or from any other field as long as the accomplishments or achievements have significantly contributed to the advancement of the health professions. The dossiers of nominees should document consistent and balanced contributions to education, research and service in the health professions.

Evaluation of Nominees

The Rho Chi Lecture Award Committee will evaluate nominees in light of the established criteria for the Award and provide a ranking of qualified nominees with recommendations for the lecture award (up to three nominees) to the Executive Council of Rho Chi. At the July meeting of the Rho Chi Executive Council, the Lecture Award Committee shall provide to the Executive Council a brief justification for each nominee recommended as a possible recipient. The Lecture Award Committee may recommend that the Award not be presented in any given year. Nominees will be evaluated based upon criteria in the following areas:


Includes but is not limited to effectiveness in undergraduate, professional and graduate instruction; curriculum development and innovation; accomplishments of former students; honors and awards; and invited lectureships. The important qualities are the achievements that have advanced the health profession.

Research and Other Scholarly Activities

Considers research and creative scholarship relative to the health professions. When publications are considered, quality is of greater importance than quantity.

Other Contributions

Other contributions to and activities that have significantly bolstered the advancement of the health professions.

* Adopted by Executive Council action March 10, 1997

AWARD SUBMISSION FORM (Once you download the completed submission form, please save and send the nomination form with the supporting dossier information to the Rho Chi Society National Office.)


A. Nominations may be made by any member of the Rho Chi Society.

B. Contents of the dossier shall include the following separate sections, each beginning on a new page:

  1. A nomination abstract used by the Lecture Award Committee in its evaluation of nominees.
  2. A cover letter from the nominator emphasizing the reasons for the nomination and summarizing the accomplishments or achievements of the nominee. The cover letter should put his/her contributions to the advancement of the health professions into perspective in such a way that a person from another discipline can understand and appreciate the significance of the nominee’s contributions (this should not exceed two single-spaced pages).
  3. A comprehensive current curriculum vitae of the nominee that includes education, appointments, activities, memberships, awards and honors, and other relevant data.
  4. No more than five (5) letters of endorsement from others commenting on the nominee’s professional accomplishments in the health professions are strongly encouraged. The endorsements should focus on the accomplishments of the nominee and at least two endorsements must come from persons outside the nominee’s home institution to indicate the impact the nominee’s contributions have had nationally and internationally.
  5. The nominee must be active in his/her discipline and recognized by their peers as one of the leaders in the advancement of the health professions.

C. Individuals who have been nominated, but not selected, may be reconsidered without prejudice. Nominations will be maintained for two years: the original year of nomination plus the succeeding year. The Lecture Award Committee Chair will contact nominators of the Lecture Award nominees from the previous year who were not selected as the recipient and invite them to submit an updated nomination package. If no updated nomination is forthcoming, the original nomination dossier will be reconsidered in the current year’s Lecture Award recipient selection cycle.

D. Nominations and supportive materials must be submitted electronically by January 15 of the year preceding the Lecture Award to: mailto:RhoChiSociety@umich.edu.