* * NEW Online Annual Chapter Report Form * *

Comprehensive in nature, the annual chapter report describes the breadth of activities and accomplishments by the chapter over the preceding twelve months.

  • All chapters must submit an Annual Chapter Report.
  • Chapters failing to submit an annual report for two consecutive years will lose their active status within the organization.
  • All reports are due by June 15th to maintain their status in the organization.
  • Use the new online form found on this page. No other formats will be accepted.
  • Additional attachments are not allowed.

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The Chapter Achievement Award

The Chapter Achievement Award recognizes the full scope of chapter activities as documented in the Annual Chapter Report. The recipient of the Chapter Achievement Award will receive a plaque and recognition at the Annual Rho Chi Society National Convention. The Chapter Achievement Award was first presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the Society held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Pharmacists Association.

* The new rubric can be reviewed here

Qualifications and Instructions

Chapters must meet the following in order to be considered for the Chapter Achievement Award:

  • Follow the new ONLINE format and submit annual chapter report by May 15th
  • Submit chapter delegate name to the national office by March 1st
  • Chapter delegate must vote in March elections
  • Complete the following twelve sections within the Annual Chapter Report:
      1. Chapter Information
      2. Chapter Officers
      3. Advisor(s) Contact Information
      4. Chapter History/Background
      5. Objectives/Strategic plan*
      6. Meeting Planning / Business Organization Details
      7. Service Activities
      8. Intellectual Inquiry Activities
      9. Alumni Relations*
      10. Overall Budget
      11. Chapter Awards
      12. Most Improved Chapter (Optional)

*New sections, marked with an asterisk, will NOT be scored for the 2019-2020 report cycle only, but will be scored starting in 2020-2021. Although this section will not be scored, we ask that your chapter do its best to complete it to the best of your ability.