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One of the most important functions of your Chapter is election of new members of The Rho Chi Society. The initiation ceremony which follows should be a special occasion that is well planned and conducted. Although there is an official ritual which should be followed for initiation, chapters are encouraged to conduct public ceremonies where family and friends of the initiates may be present. Some schools and colleges will choose to combine their annual awards program and Rho Chi initiation ceremony in one event. An important part of the initiation ceremony and, in fact, an expectation, is the presentation of the Rho Chi Key and the Rho Chi Membership Certificate to each new initiate into the Society. In order to have these items on hand for presentation, they must be ordered through the National Office approximately four (4) weeks prior to the date set for initiation.

No person may be considered as having been elected into membership of The Rho Chi Society until after the National Office has received and approved all of the proper records. Therefore, chapters must plan elections in advance of their proposed initiation date to allow time not only for processing but also for collecting necessary information, dues, fees, etc.

To insure prompt service toward chapter requests for jewelry and membership certificates, it is necessary that the directions given below be followed carefully:

  1. Complete the Chapter Membership Election Report. Be sure these report forms are completed properly and signed by the Dean or designee.
  2. Enter your new member information here or click the Members button on the top right of the website. Once logged in, enter the information for new member being initiated into your chapter.
    • Proof new member information carefully. Names and initials will appear on membership certificates, jewelry, and official records of the National Office exactly as submitted. The chapter will be responsible for any errors made by the chapter.
    • Print a hard copy of the information you have entered for your new members and send a copy of the printed information with the Chapter Membership Election Report to the National Office.
  3. Send one (1) check or money order with the Chapter Membership Election Report to the National Office made payable to The Rho Chi Society in an amount equal to $65.00 for each new member. The total of $65.00 represents $30.00 for national society dues, $5.00 for membership certificates, and $30.00 for jewelry.
  4. Replacements for lost or destroyed jewelry or membership certificates may be ordered by contacting the Society’s National Office. Replacement jewelry items are $35.00 each and replacement certificates are $12.50 each.

Please note

A new initiate is not officially a member of the Society until all items (Chapter Membership Election Report, New Member Information File, and Membership Fees) have been received and approved by the National Office.

Send Chapter Membership Election Reports and printed new member information to:

The Rho Chi Society

c/o University of North Carolina
Eshelman School of Pharmacy
3210 Kerr Hall, CB#7569
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-7569