This year we have created opportunities for Rho Chi Alumni to get involved with The Rho Chi Society on a national level! Please review the two Task Force charges and “apply” by clicking on the button and completing the form. Only 2 positions are available per task force. We will review applications received by June 29th and notify you with our decision.

Thank you for your interest!


Bridge the gap between The Rho Chi Society student initiation through professional career and involve alumni members with Rho Chi activities and networking.

The Alumni Task Force is charged with the following:

  1. Identify and develop activities to engage alumni in The Rho Chi Society.
  2. Collaborate with the Communications Committee/Task Force to connect and maintain communication with alumni.
  3. Evaluate the need for an Alumni Committee.

*Click to view Alumni Task Force Charges

Student Executive Council Task Force

Develop the voice of the student and recent graduate members of The Rho Chi Society to collaborate with Rho Chi activities, committees, discussions, resources, and networking.

The Student Executive Council Task Force is charged with the following:

  1. Evaluate the landscape of student leadership structure and purpose in other pharmacy organizations.
  2. Determine the potential role(s) and structure of a Rho Chi Student Executive Council.

*Click to view Student Exec Council Task Force Charges

Questions? Please contact The Rho Chi Society National Office via email at

Thank you for your interest!