Members (Affiliation)

  • Scholarship/Fellowship

    Andrew J. Smith (University of Missouri - Kansas City) Term 2017-2023 (Chair, 2019-2023)

    Maria A. Croyle (University of Texas at Austin) - 2019-2021
    Nathan Cherrington (University of Arizona) - 2019-2025
    Ellen Woods (AFPE President) - ex officio

  • Faculty Advisor Award

    Beth Resman-Targoff (The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) - 2018 Recipient, Term 2018-2021 (Chair, 2020-2021)

    Bradley Hein (The University of Cincinnati) - 2019 Recipient
    Bradley Boucher (The University of Tennessee Health Science Center) - 2020 Recipient

  • Nominating

    Susan M. Meyer (University of Pittsburgh), Chair, 2020-2022

    Thomas Franko (Wilkes University) - Region II Councilor
    Lynette Moser (Wayne State University) - Region IV-East Councilor
    Scott Hanes (Rosalind Franklin University) - Region IV-West Councilor
    Amy Franks (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) - Region VI Councilor
    Jennifer Trujillo (University of Colorado) - Region VIII Councilor

  • Lecture Award

    Cynthia M. Phillips (University of South Carolina) - National Historian, Chair, 2019-2021

    Amy M. Haddad (Creighton University) - 2017 Recipient, Term 2017-2021
    James T. Dalton (University of Michigan) - 2018 Recipient, Term 2018-2021
    Mary H. H. Ensom (University of British Columbia) - 2019 Recipient, Term 2019-2022

  • Chapter Awards

    Lucio Volino (Rutgers), President-elect, Chair, 2020-2022

    Karl D. Fiebelkorn (University at Buffalo)
    Thomas Franko (Wilkes University)
    Cathy L. Worrall (Medical University of South Carolina)
    Lori Duke (University of Georgia)
    Zachary L. Cox (Lipscomb University)
    Lynette Moser (Wayne State University)
    Scott Hanes (Rosalind Franklin University)
    Michelle Bottenberg (Drake University)
    Amy Franks (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
    Joshua J. Neumiller (Washington State University)
    Jennifer Trujillo (University of Colorado)

  • Auditing

    Paul Jungnickel (Auburn University), Chair

    Susan J. Skelar (University of Pittsburgh)
    Gary DeLander (Oregon State University)

  • Credentials

    2021 - Los Angeles, CA / Chapter Members

    Specific to Annual Meeting Location